About us

BioAltitude is the branch of Biolaster dedicated exclusively to Artificial Hypoxia or Simulated Altitude and its use aimed at Improving Health, Increasing Physical Performance and Acclimatization to Altitude.

BioAltitude will progressively integrate the different sections of Biolaster dedicated to Hypoxia, such as the Related News, the Hypoxia Blog, the Dissemination of Knowledge and the Commercialized Products.

Since 2004, when it began its activity in relation to Hypoxia, Biolaster has developed a great informative content based on:

• The generation of own and unpublished texts, related to the physiology of the response to hypoxia, with the training principles applicable to hypoxic training and with the control elements of hypoxic training.

• Echoing and summarizing in Spanish different articles that are published in international scientific journals on the use of hypoxia and its variants in acclimatization and performance improvement.

• Knowledge and dissemination of the operation and characteristics of different products used in the generation of hypoxia or altitude simulators that have been marketed by Biolaster since 2004 without interruption.

This vast, publicly accessible content gives Biolaster the undisputed leadership in quality content related to hypoxia in Spanish.