BioAltitude® A50 Hypoxia Generator

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The BioAltitude® A50 is a generator of hypoxic air (air depleted in oxygen, which mimics the natural air found at altitude) and hyperoxic air (which will allow us to promote oxygen-dependent aerobic processes, accelerating their metabolism and enhancing recovery processes).

Hypoxia/hyperoxia generator of reduced dimensions that allows us to carry out the following:

The BioAltitude® A50 generator includes the following components:

  • 2 x 3 metre tubes
  • Hepa 60 filter
  • Oxygen mask with reservoir
  • 60L expansion bag

BioAltitude® A50 features

  • Simulated altitude: 400m (FiO2=20%) to 7.000m (FiO2 8%)
  • Flows: 20% (0-400m) 50 litres/minute – 8% (7,000m) 16 litres/minute
  • Types of hypoxia: Sleeping, intermittent at rest
  • Method: O2 extraction from ambient air
  • Altitude – Flow Regulator: Manual
  • Maintenance: Hepa Filter change every 6 months
  • Hyperoxic air output: Yes, up to 3 litres/minute at 92% of O2
  • Supply tubes: 2 tubes of 3 metres each
  • Expansion bag: Includes 60 litre hypoxic air reservoir bag
  • Includes a hepa 60 filter
  • Power 250W


  • Dimensions: 33cm x 20cm base x 50cm height
  • Weight: 11 Kg
  • Sound level: 45 dB

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