Training in Hypoxia and Simulated Altitude Systems

Since 2004, through Biolaster®, we have contributed the value of Simulated Altitude to Improving Health, Acclimatization to Altitude and Improving Sports Performance

Training in real altitude and simulated altitude, as well as its repercussions both on a physiological level and on sports performance, had an important development after the 1968 Mexico Olympiad that was held at 2,200 meters of altitude.

Since then, the use of both real altitude (with a decrease in atmospheric pressure and therefore hypobaric hypoxia) and simulated altitude (without changes in atmospheric pressure and that is why it is called normobaric hypoxia) in improving sports performance has advanced a enormity, and we have been attentive to the progress of the investigations carried out in the field of hypoxia at an international level and that were published in international scientific journals.

We have studied and analyzed the effects of simulated altitude on human physiology, we have investigated the response of arterial oxygen saturation and circulating erythropoietin to hypoxic stimulation in sedentary people and athletes. We have also verified the evolution of blood parameters depending on the different types of hypoxic stimulus or simulated altitude.

Since 2004 and without interruption we are importing, distributing and marketing hypoxia generators from different manufacturers and also accessories for the realization and control of different hypoxia modalities. To all this we must add that we have our own Technical Service that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the simulated altitude systems in our facilities.

We know Hypoxia and its Effects and we have extensive experience in the use of Simulated Altitude and more specific products depending on the objective and type of hypoxic training to be carried out. 

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